An introduction

17 Mar


I’ve been working on a website for a couple of years now. Between the many demands of life in the last 18 months I have not had the time to redesign my site. You can preview my earlier musings here. An eventual website title change will reflect a future business venture related to fitness and health. Maybe some “9-5” work on the side in the form of teaching public health classes. Dreaming is always in progress!

In the interim, a blog is much more manageable. Why, aren’t there already several million of those in existence…why would you make yet another?

There are few blogs I find that comprehensively tackle the well-rounded nature of health (kudos to those that do!). I encounter or experience health and wellness information daily and want to share items of interest and generate discussion. Health and wellness is comprised of some very simple elements in my mind: move, eat, read and listen (the latter two comprising learning). Balance and integrate these elements with the rest of your life as much as possible for optimal health and wellness. Simple, right ;)?

My goal is to post 3-4 items each week. Readers – please keep me accountable. If you have questions I would be more than happy to research and find answers for you!

One more “real” post to follow later today.

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