Now that you’re grown up, would you eat your gradeschool lunch?

18 Mar

With Mrs. Commander In-Chief rallying behind the nutrition and obesity issue via “Let’s Move!” there is a renewed sense of energy and focus on the topic of child and adolescent health.

The Child Nutrition Act is currently being debated in Congress with a focus on school lunches taking center stage. For many children the free or reduced school lunch is the single meal they have in a day. If this is the case it is our responsibility to encourage legislators to make that one meal the most nutritionally dense, healthy and tasty meal possible. A tall and perhaps idealistic order, but nothing is achieved without vision.

Mrs. Q, a teacher, has vowed to eat the lunches served at her school for all of 2010. A brave soul, in my humble opinion. Her year-long ventures, as well as photographs of her daily meals, are chronicled in her blog Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Program.

I’m not a mother (yet), but I do plan to teach my future child or children how to cook. Learning to cook is one of the greatest skills my parents and extended family provided me with as a child.

Post to comments if you would eat the lunches from your K-12 days! Or any other thoughts on the matter.

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