Food Rules

26 Mar

Food is a very personal choice embedded within our interpersonal relationships and our environment. Take a minute to think about your own “food rules” and how they are impacted by:

– People or groups you interact with (co-workers, certain friends)
– Occasions (family gatherings, dinner out with friends)
– Travel (potentially more options but less control over preparation)
– Marketing (think about navigating the grocery store!)

Reading and learning more on the topic of food choice (or lack thereof) makes it difficult it is to ignore the number of factors beyond our control when we make our food rules – such as marketing, the environment and people or groups. Below is a quick intro to two people advocating for personal and environmental changes to “food rules”.

Micheal Pollan: offers great primers through his books and articles. He offers insight into the way and “whys” of how we eat, quietly provoking us to be more conscientious in our selections. Start with an article, perhaps move onto “Omnivore’s Dilemma” if you’re intrigued.

Bottom line: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Beautifully simple.

Jamie Oliver: Celebrity chef with a heart, using his fame to make change. Jamie is trying to change the way we feed our children and ourselves. He had successes in England changing school lunches and is bringing his passion for food and health to the U.S., specifically Huntington, West Virginia. Check the series premier tonight on ABC or view online with limited commercials.

Bottom line: Invest in real strategies with real money to re-educate and empower people to make healthy choices. Do it for yourself first, then move onto your community.

My personal food rules:
– Not hungry? Don’t eat. Taste not worth the calories? Don’t eat it!
– Eat small & frequent meals.
– Be prepared and you won’t be caught off guard ;)!
– Bring a healthy dish to gatherings or eat before to minimize eating “off course”.
– Stick close to the original (whole) source of your food.
– Avoid anything with more than 5 ingredients.
– Ditch foods comprised of polysyllabic chemicals.

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