Saturday Spin; Previewing an Organic Series

27 Mar

Enjoying the lighter side of life for the weekend! I hope you’re having a beautiful spring weekend, too!

Remember the good old days of Arnold?

It’s pretty sweet to be teaching classes where the “Governator” got his start!

My class on Saturday is a slow build with increasing participant numbers. This is week #4 teaching at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach and the participant level has been consistent, which is promising. It takes time to build class numbers when you’re (1) new to the area and (2) new to the facility. I have faith if I “build it, (keep it fun and challenging!) they shall come”! There are so many legendary instructors at Gold’s. I hope to improve as an instructor working alongside them.

The Saturday playlist included mash-ups and vintage tunes transformed into modern remixes. One site I discovered and love is DJ Lobsterlust. Check out the Coldplay/Police mashup!

Other fun remixes were some unlikely suspects to hear in a gym, including Florence and the Machines, Nina Simone and James Brown. Also threw in the fabulous “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys. Eighties music offers such great beats for a variety of workouts.

Looking toward Monday of this week, in which I’m delving into a series on this little logo. Please use the comments feature to post questions you’d like to have addressed.

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