Follow Your Yellow Brick Road!

14 Apr

Following that road means accepting change. Change can be many things – it can be thrilling, scary, uncharted and bring additional change! Moving to California was the biggest and certainly has been one of the most rewarding changes I’ve made to date for many reasons (the greatest of which is having more time with the handsome men in my life! – see below right).

I want to apologize for my sparse entries, but there has been much change going on in my life this year. Maybe promising 3-4 entries a week was a little much to take on… I’m resolving myself to be happy with 2 entries a week until I’ve made a few more changes, including finding a better work-life balance.

I’ve been feeling… unfulfilled with my current work-life situation for more than a few months and decided it was time for a change. Not an easy decision, but one I hope will bring more time for work-life balance (which I had hoped I would have working from home, but I’ve ended up working more hours each day!).

One drawback I’ve found with working from home is not giving myself enough time to move in the day. I teach classes and try to find time on other days to incorporate activities, but I’m nowhere near the level of walking and moving I was when living in D.C. Getting out of the house for work will get me moving once again, as I’ve already decided to forgo the car and use a combination of walking, biking and riding the bus! I’m very excited to have movement coming back into my day and working in an environment that truly supports this… they “walk the walk”!

What kinds of change have you encountered lately? Do you embrace change or fight it? There are healthy approaches to change!

  • Develop a vision for your change. 
  • Even if it isn’t a change you anticipated, realizing what you do and do not have control of in change will make it easier.
  • Chart progress along the way for change, formally or informally. For me – moving to California involved several “steps” each of which brought about little pieces of change and made the biggest change much easier. 
  • Celebrate the steps along the way! Or at the very least find someone to discuss what is going on as you make changes.

Any other suggestions…??

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