I don’t usually do this kind of thing…

16 May

I have been neglecting my poor little blog. Mostly because we had “creative differences”. I like the direction much better now and will keep tweaking it until it seems just right. Then I’ll be ready for more change (this is pretty common to those who know me well!).

I’m working incorporating more balance into my life … the moral of this blog entry. Indulgence is a good thing at times, especially if you’re closely adhering to a healthy diet and fitness routine. One or two treats a week keeps me sane and happy… and skinny, believe it or not!

On that note… my indulgence for the weekend is posted below!

We’re having a lazy Sunday at the house following a late Saturday night/Sunday morning birthday/post-production party (dear 4:00am, I don’t often see you). For the party I indulged by baking calorie-dense Irish Car-Bomb Cupcakes, adapted from this wonderful recipe at Smitten Kitchen. Guinness in the chocolate cake batter, Jameson Irish Whiskey in the chocolate ganache and topped off with a Bailey’s Irish Cream butter cream frosting. They were RICH to say the least.

And a million and one thanks to my friend Nicole for her help in the baking, icing and transportation of these bad boys. See image below… trust me – these are worth a “special treat”.

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