Speed up to Slow-down the Effects of Aging

20 May

“There is a credible scientific basis for believing that we could slow aging in the foreseeable future.” (Has the time come to take on time itself? | Collin Farrelly | BMJ | 19 july 2008 | Volume 337)

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t want to slow the effects of aging? I’ll elaborate on these a little more and provide the science behind them when I have a little more time… but here’s a little to get you started and to start thinking about exercise as being more than an aesthetic, optional endeavor in your day.

Keeps the body young by lowering the rate at which telomeres (sites at the end of your chromosomes on all cells) erode, which means overall body wear and tear happens at a reduced speed.

 Lowers your blood pressure.

Increases lung capacity and heart pumping power.

Makes skin look younger because of improved circulation.

 Cuts your odds of getting ill and speeds up the recovery process if you do become ill. Some studies are suggesting that exercisers have higher levels of immune cells that help fight off certain types of cancer.

 May raise HDL cholesterol and improve other heart disease risk factors.

Normalizes fasting insulin levels, which means a decreased risk of diabetes. 

Be less forgetful! Lifelong exercise keeps the hippocampus – your memory storage area – from shrinking, a primary cause in memory loss.

Improve your mood and fend off or improve depression in some people.

Control weight, improve digestion… there are so many great benefits! Can you think of reasons NOT to exercise (not the lame “I don’t want to…”!)?

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