Wearing it Well: Work-Work.Out-Work

27 May

In Europe, cycling as a mode of transport is not only practical, it is considered to be chic (see right). But how do you manage making the cycle (or other forms of active) commute and stay composed for the office setting? Or when you have a mid-day workout. This is one of the few times I wish I were a guy – a quick shower and change of clothes wouldn’t slow me down!

On Tuesday the schedule called for a mid-day session and then immediately back to work for a meeting… then back to teach a class following work. In an effort to seem somewhat put together and keep things practical I rocked the following (all in black with pops of metallic):


Lululemon’s Wunder Under Crops + Cycling Jersey + Cycle Shoes

Back to the office:

Swapped my cycling jersey for an American Apparel Poplin Dress (over the Lulu crops)

Added a ‘Statement’ Necklace (a variation of this) for a little polish

+ metallic flats.

It took all of 3 minutes to change back into my jersey and cycling shoes for my 7:00 class.

How do you make the transition from work to work-out during your day? I’m looking for ways to incorporate activity and am fortunate to work in a more relaxed environment. However, all of my “work” clothes are from my D.C. days and are expensive suiting material and dresses. I’m not quite ready to go riding in that wardrobe for fear of destruction. The quest to be chic, with the necessary versatility for commuting and exercising is going to call for some creativity.

Open to suggestions and idea! Looking for the healthy balance while maintaining style!

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