Paying my dues…

1 Jun

Where did this weekend go?? How do I get back into the work-mentality? Ughhhh…All I want to do is continue to be active outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Desks and computers have killed that dream.

A few more posts need to be posted (once it’s out there I have to do it!) and a few articles need to be written for Demand Studios/Livestrong. I had a wonderful birthday weekend that included a visit with my parents and a quick get-away to a desert oasis for some boating and watersports with friends from L.A. (see gorgeous lake insert above). Best of all, the boy gifted me with a Flip MinoHD! Prepare to be Flip-ped if you’re doing something with me.

I had forgotten how much I loved to swim, and how much work it is! You can find a rough estimate of K-cal burn for your weight via a calculator, but a modest 20 minutes of moderately active (think playing around in the pool, causal laps) swimming burns roughly 150 calories.

For the week I’m planning to take up a couple of challenges:
1) Figure the logistics of biking to work for an entire week (i.e. clearing my schedule to make time needed; where to store the bike at work)
2) Walk the dog before work, 3 days minimum each week this summer

3) Try 2 new classes. ZUMBA
is finally on the schedule this week after years of avoiding it…

Here’s a quick clip to give you the gist of  Zumba!

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