Hippy Hippy Shake

3 Jun

You can’t beat the convenience of  iTunes and eMusic (and the myriad of other hosting sites), but there’s something lovely and nostalgic feeling about the music formats of yesteryear. For the die-hard vinyl lovers, nothing will ever replace it.  At four years old I owned my first and only vinyl, rockin’ out to Belinda Carlisle’s second solo album, Heaven on Earth. My four-year old self loved dancing, singing and using her dad’s record player.

One of the most fun spinning (cycling) classes I’ve ever taught involved a live DJ spinning (using) vinyl records – so sorry if I’m neglecting the proper jargon here. I have a few favorite links and places to scour music and find DJs who still love their vinyl but also make it accessible to the masses through the mp3 or wma formats. I greatly appreciate their ability to hear songs, mash up various tunes, beats and deliver a solid product (that being said, there’s way more not so great stuff out there than really great stuff). Before I digress too much more, let’s get to the point – tunes are a great motivational factor for moving my arse. Maybe yours, too? I chill at the thought of an hour of sweating it out without music (unless we’re talking yoga, in which case that’s perfectly acceptable!).

Below is the latest creation for a Spinning class at Gold’s. It’s a hill-climbing interval-tastic class requiring some focus to feel the burn. Sink in with the music and all will fall into place. FYI, I don’t care to recycle my music, so if you ever come know you won’t hear the same thing twice in the span of a week. Keepin’ it fresh, yo.

Loving #7 on the playlist (Band of Skulls’ Death by Diamonds and Pearls remixed):

What music drives you to work out? What motivates you? What makes you move? Talk to me people – there’s a comment section below!

3 Responses to “Hippy Hippy Shake”

  1. erin h. 7.7.2010 at 3:46 pm #

    Bonus if you can name the artist behind the title of the post.

  2. katy 7.7.2010 at 12:53 pm #

    Chan Romero! I just want the bonus points. :)(Also, I want bonus bonus points because I know the Georgia Satellites sang it in the cinematic classic "Cocktail.")

  3. erin h. 7.7.2010 at 3:26 pm #

    I should have accounted for multiple versions! I was thinking of the Beatles version when I posted, but I like the Chan Romero and Georgia Satellite versions, too!

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