10 Jun

When I was traveling for work I would choose hotels with a gym (top priority as a business traveler!)or use + running outdoors if conditions permitted. However, I found the most fun piece of portable gym equipment with TRX.

I had a trainer in D.C. who had me hooked on it. It’s an all encompassing work-out that uses your body weight + gravity to create resistance. The intensity of the workout increases or decreases as you change the angle position to the anchor point of the TRX (closer = more intense). Check out the videos on YouTube… find a local gym… give it a try! It’s great for all skill levels and ages.

Did I mention you can take it outside, throw it over a tree (like this guy) and have your own gym? Zen. Zen. Zen. I’m hoping to incorporate TRX training into my teaching schedule this fall. First step – training. August 1 is training go-date!

Military peeps love this. TRX was founded by a former Navy Seal. If I had the extra money I’d send some to the soldiers in the Middle East. Our soldiers and service members have very limited options for staying in shape (shout out to my brother šŸ™‚ on that front!). Military personnel (past or present) are eligible for a discount on any of the TRX systems. They’ve more than earned it!

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