Because Public Health People are Essentially Nags

11 Jun

Riding my bike to work today I was irritated sharing the road with a girl who was trying to make her commute on a bike as well (and keep it stylish) but had no helmet on. We’re talking riding a bike on a road with 2 lanes of traffic each side and a center turn lane, as well as cars parked on the street entering and exiting. I immediately thought “dumb” and was tempted to ask her why the hell she wasn’t wearing something to protect her skull.

Thought nothing more of it until running across this piece on FitSugar which made me feel justified for being irked at my fellow commuter (re-posting without permission, please don’t be mad dear FitSugar!).

…We LOVE that Pink’s idea of fun is riding a bike, especially while traveling, because it’s a great way to check out a new city and get in some exercise at the same time. Still, I gotta ask, “Pink, where the heck is your helmet?”

Allow me to just rant a little bit and remind all of you how very important it is to wear a helmet while biking.  

A bike helmet may not be the most fashionable accessory, but it could be what saves you from sustaining a serious injury if you’re ever in an accident.

And even though you might be a safe biker, you have to account for the fact that not everyone on the road is. In a sense, a bike helmet is akin to wearing a seat belt in a car. And because accidents happen, better safe than sorry, right? If I still haven’t convinced you, take into account a report stating that that helmet laws have cut the amount of bicycle related deaths in children by 50 percent.

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