Hello, Monday!

14 Jun

This week is already off to a much better start than the last! My fiscal health was in jeopardy after someone swiped the magnetic strip from my debit card, made a fake with the strip and proceeded to nearly drain my bank account on a mall extravaganza shopping-spree in Alabama. Catch all that? What a weird and disconcerting start to the week it was. Many thanks for my wonderful bank, ING, for investigating and taking action so quickly!

Sunday is the official start to the week, so mine officially started very well. Pancakes for breakfast, check.

 Is that butter? Butter believe it. Butter is a whole food, right? 

Evening was the “Ode to Excess” wine party (we had 61 bottles of wine around our place and 12 more on the way tomorrow). Double check for a good weekend start. We didn’t polish off as many bottles as we had hoped, but everyone enjoyed sampling and snacking on the “build your own kabob” bar. Sorry no pics on the ‘bobs.

A kabob bar is the least stressful party planning ever. I highly recommend it! I set out a beautiful array of veggies and fruit, along with 3 kinds of lean meat marinated in smokey spices, honey, teriyaki… and the rest was easy easy.

What do you serve at parties? Do you keep the fare lighter, or go all out (a la butter style!)? Comments welcome below!

One quick aside, I’m always down for a little bit of the “real thing” as opposed to using a synthetic, chemistry-lab made product comprised of polysyllabic ingredients. Reinforcing another of my food “rules”: if your grandma wouldn’t recognize it as a food, don’t eat it!

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