"He Says"/"She Says" Fitness

16 Jun

Not abandoning my dear little blog… just really, really (really) busy this week. Teaching a RealRyder or Spinning class every day or night Tuesday-Saturday is keeping me on my toes. More correctly keeping my toes ever-so-slightly tipped downward and my feet flat as I pull through on the pedal strokes of life (lame, I know, let me have it…).

I do have something fun to discuss when I return from teaching: P90X.

For the life of me I cannot get *ahem* someone in my life to take one of my classes, but he will shell out upwards of $130 for this “comprehensive” program and nutrition guide. Rolling my eyes… but being the ever supportive person and thrilled a fitness/exercise endeavor is in the works.

Do you and your other half sweat it out together? I see many couples working out together frequently, but I’m am not one half of those couples. My other half would rather get another guy to do “guy workouts” and leave me to my spinning, yoga, running, hiking…etc.

One Response to “"He Says"/"She Says" Fitness”

  1. twister 7.7.2010 at 10:11 am #

    So what's your o pin of P90X? I was watching the infomercial for P90X the other day and it makes some sense. But to spend $130? I don't know. But it looks like it would do just as good as a Bowflex with a lot less money expended. See the way I figure it a person can spend a lot of energy getting nowhere if you are not applying the exercise routine correctly. I would rather have someone show me how to correctly exercise the bod and get results showing up. I would not have an issue with doing some form of exercise and muscle toning program an hour a day if I knew it was working for me. I use to teach with a guy who was a body builder (and his wife also but she looked like a woman yet) who offered to work with me. Never got around to it. That would have been neat to try. I would like to get my fat down to about 8-10% and tone up. I believe there are a lot of guys my age doing it in their early 50's.

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