"The best laid schemes (o’ mice an’ men)"

17 Jun

Looking forward to the weekend and week ahead! It has been a very full week… I’m ready for a little R&R!

  • Reviewing the P90X nutrition plan. Can’t wait for the goodies to arrive in the mail! 
  • Staying with your healthy-n-well routine while on the road. I have a cross-country trip, going to Missouri for a family wedding and then on to Boston for work. Practicing what I preach – using the blog format to keep accountable! Thanks for some great suggestions via FB!
  • Milking it for all its worth? The Dairy people wield a scary amount of power as monolith conglomerates. I have little faith in the reported results from a recent surge of dairy-backed studies and campaigns. Check out some of their more recent “study results” and campaigns for yourself:  
  •  A review of Natalia Rose’s Raw Food Detox Diet and;
    • Adding another section of the site devoted to book reviews and purchasing!
  • Posting about fun things going on at RealRyder – hopefully editing together footage from 4-5 different classes! Loving, loving, loving the enthusiasm from everyone!

Father’s Day is coming up – (hi, Dad!). Are you celebrating with your father or gifting him with something for the occasion? I took mine on an expedition to Catalina Island while my parents were visiting a few weeks ago. I try to make gifts something fun to experience or encourage/contribute to better health in some sneaky way.

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