Almost Up, Off and Away!

22 Jun

I’ll be back to write a little more tonight, but ran across something that might be useful for traveling.

If you’re planning to spend time in one of these in daylight hours…
Wear some of this!

Why? Airplane windows do not filter out UVA rays. At high altitudes UV rays are three times stronger than on the ground. Boarding a plane without sunscreen may not result in a nasty burn in the same way as spending the day outside, but your skin will thank you for a little extra protection when your are in flight. The same rules apply for your office windows, if you are lucky enough to have one!

Also while flying – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Give your skin the chance to keep its moisture by providing it with hydration from the inside out. Especially while you’re in a closed environment. Many people also recommend lotions or moisturizers. I don’t love the feel of moisturizers, so I prefer to bring an empty 20 oz. or larger bottle of water through security and fill up on the other side. I also like to bring varieties of herbal tea for flights longer than 2 hours. Take a few extra steps when preparing for flights to feel well when you arrive at your destination!

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