Fit for the Road!

24 Jun

I was hoping to post this yesterday, but flights were delayed all around. Traveling to the midwest in the summer = prone to delays due to massive thunderstorms. Once I settled in for an extended layover I was in a battle for electrical outlet use with all the other delayed layover travelers.

I did not win this battle for outlet space.  But I did finish a great read, Three Cups of Tea. Check it out.

When traveling for non-work events (read=fun stuff) I treat myself to research… ahem… fitness magazines.

I must give much love to my youngest brother’s girl, Andria. We had a little chat about working out on the phone a couple of days ago and she invited me to partake in a little “P90X lite” and running when I’m back home. It is so much easier to stick with a plan when you have fit friends – throwback to the motivation entries! Even if we only get to work out together one day of this busy wedding weekend, that’s one day I wouldn’t have to try to go it alone.

Here are some other goodies I love to pack for the road:

  • Running shoes… which will double as “cycling shoes” on the road (I love checking out other cycling venues when I can!)
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Mini-workouts on the iPod/DVD transferred to the iPod
  • Jump rope (doubles as band for stretches and mini weights)
  • A few sets of work-out clothes – I rely on being able to wash ’em out so I can make it through with no extra bags. Let’s be honest, it’s really to make room fore more shoes.
  • Supplies on hand at my parent’s house – treadmill, mat, mini-Bosu disc & weights! 

There are also so many great resources for exercises online to keep you motivated… some of my favorites are:

  • Zuzana @
  • ExerciseTV’s free, full-length workouts
  • Yoga Download – no visuals, but the descriptors for most of the workouts are great. I use this in home to supplement/offset the cost of taking yoga at studios in the area.

Is staying fit on the road important to you? What do you do? What do you bring? (Answer below!)

    When I return I will have this waiting for me! Squealing with elation on the inside! Only a little over a month until my “trainer-training”. Sign up now to be my practice clients!

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