P90/P90X Nutrition Review: Phase I

24 Jun

It’s X-treme… I’ve only watched 2 days of Tony Horton and his “ism’s” are already lodged into the recesses of my brain. I said I would do a little review on the diet and since I’m kind of on vacation/kind of working/kind of doing wedding stuff I’m going to keep it “lite” unless I receive any other comments or questions asking expand on the post. Email me if you don’t want to leave a comment (erin.haslag AT gmail.com).

There are two versions of P90. Take the “X” and go all out… or in my case, when I return to SoCal, simply drop the “X” and integrate more cardio. Cardio is my preferred method of exercise, but as I’m edging closer to the third decade of my life I’m feeling compelled to add more weights, agility and vary my exercises to keep my metabolism where it is (by having increased muscle mass). Listen up ladies, because muscle mass is the key to keeping your killer (or desired) figure.

Enough about the workouts – they’re tough from what I’ve watched. I’ll write more on that when I start the DVD series back at home. One thing I did start this week is the recommended nutrition plan that comes with P90X. This is an overview and review of the first phase ONLY. There are three phases total.

To make life easier, I put the meal plan into an online spreadsheet, so we can share it and not have to rely on flipping through the book for recipes. Simplify your life by taking a few steps of prep if you decide to do an overhaul on your diet.

Here’s a quick view (double-click for a larger view):

To see the recipes behind them, go to the link, and hover over the little triangles in the upper right corner:


  • Lots of fresh fruits and veggies are encouraged
  • Snacks are encouraged between meals
  • Portion control (*note – aside from the sauces and dressings these recipes are 1 serving size)
  • No snacking after dinner
  • Cooking at home will be required (prep in advance when you can)
  • Lots of healthy fats are incorporated; fat-laden recipes are tweaked


  • This will be tough for someone who (1) doesn’t cook and (2) doesn’t eat very well to start with – you are, as Tony says, “cutting out the crap”. Not that I think that’s a bad thing… just saying it will take a considerable measure of willpower. 
  • Can be expensive – you’re buying lots of protein and giving your refrigerator a makeover.
  • A little high in the sodium & salt content – be mindful of how much you are using. Turkey bacon is recommended but I prefer to buy butcher-shop, preservative-free bacon for Ryan (I hate bacon… sorry all).
  • Not sure I would want to ingest all of the recommended protein. I like carbs to fuel me through cardio. I am leery of ingesting extracted things – I like to get goodness from whole food sources
  •  It can be vegetarian friendly, but it takes extra work to substitute the recommended protein sources

Bottom line: the meal plan is a solid base for healthy nutrition with a few tweaks. I wouldn’t follow it vis-a-vis. Make it work for you and your lifestyle – incorporate lots of fresh fruits, veggies and a solid blend of carbs and protein. These are your building blocks for muscle energy and repair. Fat has a little place in all of this, too, so don’t completely skimp out on it. And… do NOT skip breakfast! It’s essential for a healthy weight.

For us on modification meant finding something close to the recommended lunch meals – we don’t have the time to prep all of the food between crazy work and travel schedules. It provides the additional lesson of the importance of being conscientious when dining away from home.

That’s what I’ve got for now… check it out – email or comment with questions!

I’m off to run to a bike shop and check out some new cycling shoes 🙂 I’ve busted my Crank Brother/Shimano platform and cleat set one too many times…

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