Fit for the Road – Boston Edition!

27 Jun

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend has come to an end… Congrats to the newest Mr. & Mrs. in our family. Sneak peak of their first dance below. My brother’s wife has been dancing since she could walk (more or less!) and choreographed their first dance.

Yesterday began with an indoor cycling class (facilities can’t be called “Spinning” unless they pay for it), followed by hair, followed by all things wedding… ceremony, photos, reception and a night of calorie-burning booty shaking… a.k.a dancing. Today was a day of rest and travel to Boston.

I settled into a very cute, historic (tiny!) hotel for the next couple of days. First things first… checking in with a few work emails and then onto the very important tasks: finding out when I have time for fitness in my work travels. I try to stay at hotels with fitness facilities, but this was a very last minute travel decision and I took any hotel I could get in proximity to the conference… After realizing Hotel 140’s “gym” consisted of a mat and an elliptical in a small closet-like room it was time for Plan B!

Back to the room to (1) check the weather and (2) find a running route on (3) and finding a nearby gym in the event of rain. Tomorrow will be a quick a.m. yoga to wake things up, 15 minute walk to the convention center and a running route, as pictured and linked below.

MapMyFitness is another handy tool that gives you multiple options for creating your workout and has the added feature of linking to multiple social networking accounts to share your fitness plans. Research shows keeps social networking can help keep you accountable to your plans. Tuesday is going to be an early, early workout… going to check out Revolution Fitness, which has a discount for hotel guests.

Body Pump class at 6:15 in the a.m. before heading to the final day of conference and an afternoon of exploring Boylston/Beacon Street area of Boston.

From Boston tomorrow… a review of Natalia Rose’s Raw Food Detox Diet.

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