RE: That Milk Mustache!

1 Jul
Wow! Thanks for the great responses via Facebook to the post on milk I wrote a couple of days ago! Maybe the guy on the left can handle milk, but then he’s good in any situation with the exception of green rocks in his vicinity.  In seriousness, this demonstrates the far-reaching campaigns of the Dairy Council. Think of the countless number of celebrities and athletes who have endorsed the milk mustache. It’s been a successful campaign for milk money-makers, but I wonder how many of the ‘stache wearers cannot stomach milk in their everyday lives.
Again – thanks for all the comments posted to FB! {{I know it will take a little time to be comfortable using comments directly on this site, but things will get there in time!}}

First, the lovin’! (blushes!)
Then the questions! 
“Where are the stats from?” was a query I received. 
 Legit sources are muy importante when researching! Here are a few I found information from for this post:
Additionally there was a question about the mention of cancer in the post… not intended to trigger alarms! The last line of the passage below about “more research needed” is an important point to take away!  
Here is a re-post what I found on Harvard’s School of Public Health site on the milk-cancer linkage. You can find the sources they cited by clicking on the numbers in parentheses.
“Possible Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer

High levels of galactose, a sugar released by the digestion of lactose in milk, have been studied as possibly damaging to the ovaries and leading to ovarian cancer. Although such associations have not been reported in all studies, there may be potential harm in consuming high amounts of lactose. A recent pooled analysis of 12 prospective cohort studies, which included more than 500,000 women, found that women with high intakes of lactose—equivalent to that found in 3 cups of milk per day—had a modestly higher risk of ovarian cancer, compared to women with the lowest lactose intakes. (15) The study did not find any association between overall milk or dairy product intake and ovarian cancer. Some researchers have hypothesized, however, that modern industrial milk production practices have changed milk’s hormone composition in ways that could increase the risk of ovarian and other hormone-related cancers. (16) More research is needed.

Probable Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer
A diet high in calcium has been implicated as a probable risk factor for prostate cancer. (17) In a Harvard study of male health professionals, men who drank two or more glasses of milk a day were almost twice as likely to develop advanced prostate cancer as those who didn’t drink milk at all. (18) The association appears to be with calcium itself, rather than with dairy products in general: A more recent analysis of the Harvard study participants found that men with the highest calcium intake—at least 2,000 milligrams a day—had nearly double the risk of developing fatal prostate cancer as those who had the lowest intake (less than 500 milligrams per day). (19) Clearly, although more research is needed, we cannot be confident that high milk or calcium intake is safe.”

If you’re looking for an alternative to milk, try almond milk – it’s smooth and creamy! My favorite brands are Silk, Almond Breeze and Pacific. Stick with the unsweetened varieties or you’re adding sugar that negates the otherwise healthy source. The calorie range is 40-60 calories per cup (8 oz). The fat is negotiable since it comes from a good food source. 
I’ve also learned some people have an easier time digesting unpasteurized milk, but I would say go at your own risk with raw milk sources. 
P.S. Because the Silk variety is newer than the other two you should be able to score some coupons in-store or online. Prices for all varieties are pretty comparable to the same volume of milk here in California.

Welcome to continue these discussions on food and your well-being!

Happy July – any fun plans for the 4th? Any fit plans?? The boy and I are trying to enjoy all the celebrations and stick to our routines and dietary guidelines over the long weekend (P90X). Wish us luck!

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